Noviki (Poland)

is a Warsaw based creative group

Participant in The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shutdown?
video title: Covid-19 Playgrounds, 2020, 1:52
Masts, horse mane and mammoth fangs.
They met on Friday just after ten o’clock. That is, two of them were already standing by the playground and waiting for the third one to reach them late. They were supposed to do it early in the morning, before people went to work, so as not to arouse unnecessary attention. It didn’t work. They weren’t happy. They shook hands to greet each other, stood in front of the fence for a while. Actually, at first it was difficult to figure out what they were there for. They smoked cigarettes. Everyone went back to the van for a roll of black foil. At the beginning they did not use any proven method, there was no system, it was only known that they had to tie everything up. They didn’t have a ladder, they were balancing clumsily on playground constructions, stretching their hands far to the ends of masts, horse mane and mammoth fangs. They realized that the fragments of foil that had not been attached properly simply fall to the ground. At first they cut it, but then they stopped and started to tear it with whole lobes. When they couldn’t tear it apart, they wrapped the objects directly from the reel. There was no need to save it, they had enough foil to make ships, spaceships, giant robots and dinosaurs disappear under. None of them believed the virus existed. It took them about 30 minutes. On their way out, they secured the entrance with a chain and hung a punishment sign. They looked at their work. One of them yelled: look! Art!
– Fuck your art,” yelled the other one.
They laughed and left.

video by Marcin Nowicki