FBI + A (UK)

(Deej Fabyc, Penny Best, Danielle Imara, Sarah Andrew)

FBI+Interrogating Constructed Realities: Fabyc, Best, Imara and Andrew: non-binary live art gang with a combined age of over 230 bring diverse skills to collaborative projects: Fabyc’s wide experience as risk-taking live and video art performer and teacher, Best’s interrogations into creativity and dance psychotherapy, Imara’s live/video art and sound design & Sarah Andrew’s background in law and fine art create a potential for dissonant, exciting new dialogues. Recent work Operation Herbody delved into medicalisation and was performed alongside the Paula Rego exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery. Ongoing collaborations into dirt and disinfection inspired by the current Covid crisis.

Title of video: Bringing out the Dead Within, 2020, 3:00
Devised individually and performed simultaneously via Zoom, from London, Ireland and the UK midlands, the film shows FBI+A’s individual responses to the title theme. Each participant also donated a sound or sound idea to be made into an edited soundscape.
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