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Nikesh Shukla

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Yam Boy (Nikesh Shukla) is an author, songwriter and Saved By the Bell enthusiast caught between the cityscapes of Bombay and the low-swinging chariots of London. His writing has been featured on BBC2, Radio 1 and 4, Resonance FM, Tell Tales and Transmission Magazine. He has performed at the Royal Festival Hall, Apples and Snakes, Soho Theatre, The Big Chill, Rise Festival, The London Mela and Glastonbury. He has traveled to America, Europe, India and Africa to perform and read his words. He recently completed his first book, I’ve Forgotten My Mantra, as well as a full-length novel. He records under the name Yam Boy. He plays guitar and mandolin. He recently spent a year in Kenya, where he produced a solo folk album, tentatively titled Kidologies and Amazing Fantasies as well as an Arts Council-commissioned book of poetry. This is his first collaborative piece with Videowallah.