Hetain Patel (UK)

Hetain Patel
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In 2004, having graduated just a year earlier, Hetain Patel received the decibel award from Arts Council England, East Midlands. Since then, his photography, video and live works have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Hetain’s work examines various sensory forms of language, communication and cultural identity. Often using his own body as a site for these discussions, he strives to find a connection with his heritage through the exploration of physics, rituals and Indian classical music. Employing techniques ranging from fashion photography to tabla drumming, he is interested in processes. This he believes is often where work becomes less culture specific and more about the general communication between bodies.

Having just completed a two-year residency at Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham, and continuing to tour his Sine Language exhibition nationally with beatboxer Jason Singh, Hetain is currently working on a number of new collaborations with dancers, musicians and electrical engineers.