Néstor Olhagaray (Chile)

Néstor Olhagaray

Artistic Experimental school
I know the films of Einseinstein.
School of Fine arts of the University of Chile.
Photo and cinética=cine.
Moscow, School of Cinema of the USSR.
France. University of Paris III, “Censier” and Christian Metz. Paris I and the courses of Experimental Cinema with Dominique Noguéz. 9 years of professor in l’image L’Ecole, regional school of Fine arts. I know to “letristas” stragglers, one of the French version of “fluxus”. All the museums of Europe.
I return to Chile / Franco-Chilean Festivals of Video art.
1985, my first video-art: “Desfaces”, an eye blink to the minimalism, homage to John Cage and critic to the system of the representation: “of the image of the reality to the reality of the image”. I Know my true teachers and then friends that are given a turn by Chile. Jean Paul Fargier, Robert Cahen, Thierry Kuntzel, Michel Jaffrenou, later Gianni Toti, David Larcher, Iritz Batzri, Muntadas.
Encounter and decisive friendship with Juan Downey.
1993 launch of 1ª Biennial of Video Santiago Chile. (Néstor Olhagaray is the creator).

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