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She researches different visual languages mixing her pictorial background with her interest in digital art and new media, combining different disciplines. Her work is based upon the ASCII aesthetics; a reference point of her different works. Each artistic experience influences the other (intersections), thus opening the boundaries of each discipline in order to eventually create works, which are the result of her individual and collective reflection on different matters. Gather, retain, renew, re-think, re-use. Reflect. Her main leitmotiv is the human being, its ways of communication and its environment (natural and artificial).
She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in painting at Universidad de Chile in 1990.
She´s a professor of Multimedia Applications at Universidad del Pacífico.

2008 cyber birds dance. FILE 2008. ELECTRONIC LANGUAGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL. Sao Pablo, Brasil.

2008 Digital_Chile08. 9th edition. MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE 2008. THE SOCIETY FOR ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY [SAT]. Montreal. Canada.

2007: “The Trouble with the Weather: A Southern Response”. UTS Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia / Arte Nuevo Interactiva 07: Bienal Internacional Mérida, México / Digital_Chile07 Colectiva. Galería Joyce Yahouda, Montreal Canadá – La Bande Vidéo, Centro de Creación de Artes Mediáticas, Québec, Canadá – Biblioteca de Santiago, Chile – Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, Santiago, Chile.

2006: OrganiRandom Telepresencia. Instituto Arcos, Santiago, Chile – SELAI BCN Barcelona – INNOVATECH, Valparaíso – EXCENTRA, Uruguay – Zona de arte en acción 2006, Espacio Reconquista, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 7e Manifestation International de video et art electronique, Cité Invisible. Grand Biblioteque, Montreal, Canadá / 9ª Bienal Internacional de Poesía visual-experimental. FICH 2006, México / “Luminisensor” (Colectivo Trip-e) Festival Arteech MediaFILE RIO 2006, Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

2005: “ASCII-Gioconda”. Acción de arte visual digital. 7ª Bienal de video y Nuevos Medios de Santiago / “Mini Art Dance”. Obra invitada, Arte Nuevo Interactiva 05, Bienal Internacional Mérida, Yucatán, México.

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