Matt Dotson (USA)

Matt Dotson

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  • short bio:
    a. Matt Dotson spent many years of his life fiddling around with tape machines and rusty garbage in the sleepy town of Sycamore, Illinois.

    b. He currently holds a Masters Degree in Computer Music and New Media Technology from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.

    c. He also currently plays bass in a bombastic rock group called the Veterans of Flight which has toured throughout the mid-west and east USA.

    d. His primary compositional interests are the areas in-between seemingly polarized concepts (East/West, Past/Present, Academic/Popular, Human/Machine)

    e. He has had works featured on two compilations put out by Radical Turf Records.

    f. He founded the Experimental Musician’s Union at Northern Illinois University and is currently involved in the Intermedia Manifold – a collective of artists interested in the integration of art and technology.

    g. He has had works preformed throughout the Chicago-land area and has also preformed numerous solo electronic gigs as Coin Operated.

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