Maria Blondeel (Belgium)

Maria Blondeel

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Maria Blondeel (°1963 Halle) is an intermedia artist based in Ghent, Belgium. Her work can be characterized as an experimental approach to technology, light and sound. It is an artistic research about light in urban and rural area’s.
Recently Maria Blondeel realized, as a commission of the Vlaams Bouwmeester, a permanent sonic installation for telephone for an administrative building in Hasselt, Belgium. The sound form is composed of electronic waves. During daytime one can listen to the incoming sunlight. Depending on the weather and the time of sunset and sunrise the pitch is determined by the amount of lux of the electrical lights in the atrium, offices and hallways. During the evening a light composition illuminates the atrium and can be heard every half hour until midnight.
She made works for computer controlled slide projectors, interactive installations, site specific interventions, CD’s, video’s, concerts and performances in collaboration with musicians, web projects and works with radio waves and alternative energy.
Maria Blondeel presented work at ‘Argosfestival’ Brussels 2004, ‘LUX.US’ Lüdenscheid 2004, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Cologne 2003, ‘Earwitness’ CCNOA Brussels 2003, November Music 2003, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2003, ESS ‘Outer Ear Festival of sound’ Chicago 2002, ‘Simultaneous Silence’ Berlin 2002, ‘EAAA EyeDrum’ Atlanta 2002, ‘Fricties’ Vooruit Ghent 2002, ‘Spritzenhaus’ Hamburg 2001, ‘(audio)incident # 10’ Brussels 2001, Kunsthalle Lophem 2001, CCNOA Brussels 2000, Galerie Im Winter Bremen 2000, Plan B Tokyo 2000, ‘ Brücken Musik’ Cologne 2000, MeX Dortmund 1999, Studio 5 Beekman New York 1999, ‘Música a Metrònom’ Barcelona 1998, ‘Speelhoven 98’ Aarschot 1998, Fotogalerie Wien 1998, Lasalle-Sia Singapore 1997, Muhka Antwerp 1996, ‘Musik + Licht’ Podewil Berlin 1996, Experimental Intermedia
Foundation New York 1994.

Maria Blondeel participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition II
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter