Helga’s Ephemeris (Russia)

Helga’s Ephemeris

2. Short Bio/CV: Helga’s Ephemeris is a solo project of Helen Stepanova, Russian theremin player and composer who also works with Videodelica Theatre and Doctor Memory Orchestra. Helen studied composition at Moscow Conservatoire and electronic music at the Theremin Centre, Moscow.

Helen writes mainly electronic and experimental music; sound design and software synthesis are her main creative tools. Among her works there are “Dreams Of Faena” (audiovisual project based on the sci-fi novel of a Russian writer Aleksander Kazantsev), “Ephemeris” (computer music suite) and other music and video projects. Some works were released on Videodelica Compilation CD (Internet release 2003).

Helga’s Ephemeris participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition II
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter