Lucia Leao (Brazil)

Lucia Leão is an interdisciplinary artist that has been leading researches in art and technologies since 1989. She received her MA and PhD degrees in Communication and Semiotics: Information Technology from PUC – SP Sao Paulo Catholic University, Brazil. Lucia has PostDoctoral Degree in Arts from UNICAMP, SP. Lucia Leão is Professor at PUC-SP and at SENAC. Leão is author, among others, of “The labyrinth of hypermedia: architecture and navigation on cyberspace” (1999), “The labyrinth aesthetics” (2002), “Interlab: labyrinths of contemporary thought” (2002) and “Derivas: cartografias do ciberespaço” (2004).

Leão’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues such as Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo and Campinas; ISEA 2002, Paris; XV International Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil; II International Biennial of Buenos Aires; ArtMedia – OLATS, Paris, File –
International Festival of Electronic Art (2002), Arte Digital Rosario 2003, Cinético Digital, Itaú Cultural (2005), SP; Mostra SESC de Artes (2005), SP and FILE RIO 2006

Lucia Leao participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • – netart from Latin countries