Fran Ilich (Mexico)

Fran Ilich

Fran Ilich is a media artist was shown at the Berlin International film festival. He is director of the digital narrative workshop of the International University of Andalucía in Sevilla, Spain. He collaborates with Sputnik magazine in México, and used to be a researcher and editor at
the Multimedia Center of the National Center of the Arts in Mexico City. He is the author of a couple of novels, and a videogame who was acquired by a spanish museum. Some of his best known projects are the Borderhack festival, or the spanish/portuguese version of Nettime which he co-founded. At the moment he’s latest narrative projects are Modem Drama which is a trilogy of net.films (the first one produced for the Biennale Internazionale Giovane in Torino), and Big [B]0ther (a text-based reality show for the Walker Arts Center, in Minneapolis).

Fran Ilich participates in

  • JavaMuseum (2003)
  • – netart from Latin countries

  • Violence Online Festival (2003)
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

  • The RRF Project (2004)
  • as a curator for

    1. Ivan Monroy-Lopez (Mexico)
    2. kdag (Colombia/Spain)
    3. Judith Villamayor (Argentina)
    4. Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)