Limiteazero (Italy)


Limiteazero is an observation and experimentation laboratory of digital communication live-forms, in visual, sound and all other expressive forms. Used tools are forms, signs, noises, words and code. Limiteazero’s experimental activity is about the exploration of alternative relations between man and machine. It tries to establish an emotional approach using interface systems, instead of a logical/deductive one.
The work around form is mainly focussed on investigating forms and images generated by mathematical processing and through random evolution processes.
The “random” sequence is our most used coding expression.
Its interest is not mainly centred on the final product but rather on the process itself.
Limit : mathematical concept based on the idea of proximity, basically used to give values to certain functions in points where no value is defined, so that they can be coherent with the nearest ones. Limiteazero is based in Milan, Italy.

Limiteazero participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Current Positions of Italian netart