Domiziana Giordano (Italy)

Domiziana Giordano

Artist, actress, video-artist, photographer, Domiziana Giordano is the founder of Digital Sisters Indeed. org
DSI’s work is a research into and the consequence of a journey taken through the study of language and communication. DSI’s unique meshing of interactive content and structure reveals a new and different method of story telling – which digs into the roots of the visual arts, the cinema, and new technologies.
Born in Rome, she grows up in a family of artists and architects, developing since the beginning a strong awareness and comprehension of visual arts. She studied architecture but soon decided to dedicate herself full time to the visual arts and movies. After completing her studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, she furthered her research at the Stella Adler Studio in New York and at The New York Film Academy. After school, while keeping working on visual art and photography she began her career as an assistant director for stage and film.
Domiziana soon went on into a high profile professional career in the cinema, in which she played the featured role in films directed by Nicholas Roeg, J.L.Godard, A.Tarkowskji, Mauro Bolognini, Neil Jordan and others.
Besides her visual art woks, she has also written poetries and articles about history of the critic of art that have been published in literary magazine in Italy.

Domiziana Giordanoparticipates in

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  • Current Positions of Italian netart

  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Memorial for the Victims of AIDS curated by Agricola de Cologne