Leandro Barzabal (Argentina)

Leandro Barzabal

short bio:
Born in Argentina 1981, formerly guitar player, studied this instrument for several years and generated a syntheis of hi style by reducing the instrument to minimalistic guitar constructions, while exploring the basic elements of the guitar as an object. Lately he started to set aside conventional instruments and playing to explore with selfmade sound objects. His use of object compositions with trash amd unconventional electronics attachements leaded the way to the free stayle of sound making he works with. His works range from sound expeditions and field recordings in Argentine natural environments, street interventiopnes with trash objects, to electronic compositions and free improvisions.
He collaborated with musicians with musicians such as Pablo reche, leonel Kaplan, hector fiore, lasse marhaug, the golden serenades, comucopia, Xavier charles, jean pallandre amd dance Nicole bindler.

Leandro Barzabal participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • edition04.e. m’scape 04