Lavoslava Benčić

Lavoslava Benčić
is a creator in the field of culture from 1985. She have gained numerous experiences in ideological concepts, designs and implementation of media projects.
Lavoslava Benčić acquired andragogical knowledge at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and multimedia skills at the Institute and Academy for Multimedia in Ljubljana. After finished BA Media Project Management studies at Middlesex University in London and post graduate studies of Graphic Design at the London College UCK, she completed the MA thesis at the School of Arts University of Nova Gorica, New media department. Her multimedia and interactive works were exhibited or screened in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, India, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, PR China, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and UK. She published several papers in the field of educational technology, book design and interactive design.
Currently, she cooperates intensely with ÄŒIPke, an initiative for women in the context of science, technology and media art in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and she is the member of the art council in Photo-gallery Batana in Rovinj (Croatia).

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Downn?
audio title: Se Guls, 2020, 2:24
Birds chirping and seagulls are edited and composed. Added to them is a graphic sound created as a synthesis of data about my own mood expressed on a scale of one to ten during the corona times at the Adriatic coast.