Laura & Sira Cabrera Diaz

Laura Cabrera Díaz and Sira Cabrera Díaz
are born in Cáceres, Spain. They are twins. Both are licensed in Fine Arts by the Complutense University of Madrid. And they have dedicated themselves to the teaching of the Plastic Expression, at the same time that they realized exhibitions of painting, sculpture and engraving. Since 2009 they have made 35 pieces of video art and have participated in more than 100 international video art festivals, some of them are: – MIAMI New M F. – VIDEOFORMES. – FIVA . – MADATAC. – LES INSTANTS. – INTERMEDIATIONS. – FAENZA…

Participants in
CologneOFF IX
CologneOFF X
The W.OW Project 2017

Corona! Shut Down?
Video Title: Monólogo / Monologue, 01’09, 2020
Synopsis: It is a monologue or perhaps a dialogue with death. It is a confrontation, a spell. It is necessary to emerge with force and beauty against this harsh reality of the coronavirus. This work contains some images from a previous video: Acercamientos, which have been modified to form this new one.

The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
Revolutio 0 / Revolutio 0, 2012, 6:02
About the “15 M Movement” in Madrid, Spain, 2011. The word revolution comes from the
Latin “revolutio” and its first meaning is “Action and effect of stir or stir”. The video is about
how the economic crisis impacts on a social and individual level. It is a documentary about
this social movement of peaceful protest, mixed with two symbolic individual actions. The
“Podemos” political party later emerged from the “15M Movement”, which has been part of
the Spanish democratic government since January 2020.