Isabel Perez del Pulgar

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Born in Granada (Spain) with residence in France since 2015. Degree in Geography and Stories with the specialty of Art by the University of Granada. In the mid-2000s she adopted as a way of creating and expressing the video. Video as an experimentation vehicle, where the movement is combined, sound and pictorial vision. At the same time, performance is acquiring a greater presence as a means of work. The body like protagonist element and narrative driver. Architecture of stressed physicality of space – time.
Her work as an artist in the fields of painting, photography, and especially his work in video art and short films has been the object of numerous international exhibitions: Rencontres Traverse Video (France), Videomedeja (Serbia), Fonland (Portugal), Art Miden festival (Greece), TEA (Canary Islands), Retransmision (Mexico), Fivac (Cuba), Actions on the margin (Colombia), Femmes Videoart Festival (USA), IVAHN (Spain), MADATAC (Spain)….
Awards and Distinctions: – 2018 Audience Award. – ATLANTICA VISUAL-ART Vol. IX. Islantilla Cineforum International Film Festival, culture patio of Islantilla Huelva (Spain) – 2018 Honorary Mention. International Biennial of Video Art and Animation (VEA), Puebla 2018 (Mexico) – 2018 Prize for the best audiovisual creation work + Special Mention of the Jury for the best experimental work 5th edition of the European Audiovisual Creation Contest CTL 59’’…

Participant in

CologneOFF IX 2013
CologneOFF X 2014
The Wake Up Memorial 2015
The Refugee Memorial 2016
The d/i/light Memorial 2017
Wake Up! – Climate Change2019
Corona! – Shut Down? 2020

Corona! Shutdown?
title of video : Derrière la fenêtre, 1:18, 2020
A strange dystopian situation has returned us to a closed horizon, whose limits are the frame of a window and the earth underfoot, an uncertain square meter.