Kuesti Fraun

Kuesti Fraun
Kuesti Fraun, *1976, is an independent German filmmaker, mediaartist and author specialised in the production of short-format stories in text, motion picture and sounds, with worldwide presence at filmfestivals, exhibitions, galleries, museums, TV- and radioshows since 1999 (e.g. Louvre Museum Paris, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Marler Video Art Award, International Short Film Festival Berlin, Museum of the Moving Image New York, EMAF European Media Art Festival, Poetry Film Festival Vienna, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Multimedia Museum Moscow, NASA, Deutschlandradio Kultur and many more. for news and recent activities you can check www.facebook.com/mobtik

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
Tolerance, 2014, 01:00 min
although being an elastic term tolerance still has its natural limits