We (Kasböck / Leitner) have been working as an art duo in Berlin under the name bankleer since 1999. Art is a practice for us to respond to social, political and historical events. We act interdisciplinary and multi-perspective on the borders between situational sculpture, performance, text and video.

For us, working in a collective is a conscious decision and the answer to the increasing desolidarization of society. We do not believe that art can only come from a genius and have decided to take a multi-perspective look at the reality around us.

For us, art is a space of opportunity with which the emergence from the given conditions and the expansion of community can be tested. We try to adopt a changed perspective and attitude towards practiced routines and orders through aesthetic transgressions.

We translate emotions and thoughts into political, conceptual and visual actions and use them to develop situational sculptures, performances, texts and videos. A main topic is the relationship between the enormous form forces of neoliberalism and us humans. We reflect and transform this relationship, which is rich in upheavals, cracks and tensions, and we question it.

Our art is created in an exchange and through conflict-rich encounters with the audience. This is currently a series of sculptural performances that we develop for different contexts – for public space, for art spaces, biennials and demonstrations.

Participants in
CologneOFF VIII – Continental Drift

The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD

Bankleer (Germany) – minority in majority , 2011, 4.30
The song of the music video “Minority in Majority” deals with the community awakening of the Roma community from the Predlice district in Usti nad Laben, which is left entirely up to the state to decay. The dilapidated building facades are an expression of poverty and lack of prospects. Life there is shaped by exclusion and the associated ghettoization of the Roma population. “Minority in majority” opposes a widespread culture of corruption and apathy against the common departure from these living conditions