Kenji Kojima

Kenji Kojima

Kenji Kojima is experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, technology, music and visual art since the early ’90s. He was born in Japan and moved to New York in 1980. He painted contemporary egg tempera paintings for the first 10 years. A personal computer was improved rapidly during the ’80s. He switched his artwork to digital. He developed software RGB MusicLab and exhibited Techno Synesthesia series in New York, media art festivals worldwide, including Europe, Brazil, and Asia.

He is participant in
CologneOFF X

The Hiroshima/Fukushima Memorial

The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
title of video: Techno Synesthesia: open mailbox, 2020, 3:15
Open mailbox is one of the daily activities in contact with the outside world. The music was created from the visual data of the video by the algorithm. The drawing was created from the data locations and time.

The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
Techno Synesthesia: Gandhi Walks, 2020, 05:00
The video repeats a short part of the Gandhi walking film that is a symbol of “Peaceful Protest”, “Nonviolent Resistance” and “Civil Disobedience”. This is not only the messages but the artwork of human senses and culture. The original film does not have sounds, but the artist created piano music from visual data of the video by the computer algorithm. The data was converted to ASCII characters and symbols. Hindi’s voice Lekha read them. The data collection points were connected to a drawing. Finally, the data collection times were added to the drawing points for the 3D wireframe and revolved.