Alireza Amin Mozafari (Iran)

Alireza Amin Mozafari
performance artist from Iran

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
You were Zhkvnd, 2018, 4:00
You were Zhkvnd” is a poetic viewpoint on melancholic Eastern women. It’s a bitter poem that describes a woman who shoulders her social responsibilities while a sword is hanging above her head like ZHKVND. “Zhkvnd” is the name and representative of each and every melancholic woman in the East, filled with mystery and ambiguity They are women, who are led to a contradiction among unpleasant views of both tradition and modernity.That kind of view which defines a woman’s freedom,and yet it delimits her by its utilitarian and carnal concerns. A woman in the East is not just a woman. In spite of having a feminine demeanour, the society instructs her to have masculine and harsh qualities. A woman in the East keeps silence and gets wounded bit by bit.
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