Katty Vandenberghe (RSA)

Katty Vandenberghe

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is a new media creative and educator. As a digital artist she has participated in animation projects such as the embroidered Journey to Freedom animations for the UNISA centenary celebrations in 2004. In 2005 she helped co-ordinate and participated in the Ansisters Creative Constellation Festival held at Constitution Hill with digitally manipulated video artworks such as her Three Women portrait series. She also built the online Ansisters Constellation website at www.face.org.za. Her other creative forum is the internet, where she collaborates with artists such as Janine Lewis, exploring the online performance Anima/Animus (www.janinelewis.com) in 2005. In 2006 she started collaborating on Indigo Boy with Chris Diedericks (www.chrisdiedericks.co.za/indigoboy/). Her passion includes all digital media and, in particular, her collaborations with other artists in bringing their work and creative ideas to the internet (www.annisnyman.co.za, www.chrisdiedericks.co.za). In 2007 she was part of, and helped compile The Moving Image Art Exhibition which showed at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, as well as the privately owned Golden Eye theatre in Somerset West, Cape Town. As an animator she is part of a small band of Pretoria animators who gather casually on a regular basis to exchange ideas, information, inspiration and animations. In 2002 and 2003 she was part of the New Channels digital art exhibitions. In 2003 her video animation, The Knight, was selected for the New Signatures Sasol exhibition. In 2002, after twelve years of working as a graphic designer, she started lecturing in creative process, digital creation and graphic design at Vega Brand Communications, Johannesburg. Katty was born in Belgium in 1966 and immigrated to South Africa along with her family at the age of three. Updated 13 March 2007.

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