i2off.org+r3nder.net (Argentina)


Ivan Ivanoff http://www.i2off.org
self-taught person, Argentino born 17/02/78

Jose Jimenezhttp://www.r3nder.net
self-taught person, Argentino born 15/11/81

i2off.org+r3nder.net started in 2004, thanks two self-taugths artists that were working together at a new technologies lab. They met in 2001.
Ivan was a speaker and tech-guru at various seminars Jose assisted to after dropping out of Graphic Design course and starting to experiment on his own. Ivan had not finished High School, but has a calling of experimentation on technologies. this led him to develop artistic installations
for third parties. ivan and Jose got together due to the imperious need to shout out their social recriminations and anguishes through technology our work is focalized in the poetry of the content throw the intimate experience of tecnology. We speak from the confrontation of our own
convictions taking in game may be our own solidity. We do not use tecnology as argument, but like poetic resource to generate a new metalanguage. At the moment our work is 2 pieces, we prefer the deep elaboration of the idea and the feeling of proliferaction of them.

1er Premio Arte y Nuevas Tecnologîas 2005(MAMba/Fundacion Telefonica-Argentina) Categoria: Arte Multimedia Experimental (Net Art), Obra:Zetz

1er Premio LEA 2005(Laboratorio Arte Experimental-Argentina) Categoria: instalacion Obra:NATurl

Presentacion: FILE2006 [agosto-2006](San Pablo-Brasil) Obra:OjosNegros, Crafts, NATurl
Presentacion: inMachines [julio-2006](Caracas-Venezuela) Obra:Ramas, Resaca
Presentacion: BombaDeTiempo [junio-2006](Centro Konex-Argentina) Obra:Crafts
Presentacion: i2offPlusR3nder en el MACRO [junio-2006](Rosario-Argentina) Obra:OjosNegros
Presentacion: Campeonato Nacional de BBoy [mayo-2006](Buenos Aires-Argentina) Obra:Crafts
Presentacion: UGED06 [mayo-2006](Chicago-U.S.A.) Obra:OjosNegros
Presentacion: VersionFest06 [mayo-2006](Chicago-U.S.A.) Obra:Crafts, NATurl
Presentacion: FutureHouse [abril-2006](Buenos Aires-Argentina) Obra:Crafts, NATurl
Presentacion: Apertura E-Sential [diciembre-2005](Buenos Aires-Argentina) Obra:Crafts
Presentacion: Transition_MX 2005 [diciembre-2005](DF- Mexico) Obra:NATurl
Presentacion: ChampagneRamona [diciembre-2005](Casa de la cultura- Argentina) Obra: CRAFTS, NATurl, livE(3vil)
Presentacion: Biotec [noviembre-2005](Facultad de Medicina- Argentina) Obra: CRAFTS, NATurl, livE(3vil)
Presentacion: 404 festival 2005 [noviembre-2005](Rosario- Argentina) Obra: Malvinas, Composicion para 16 pecadores, human?, NATurl,livE
Presentacion: Musica a la vista! [noviembre-2005](Fundacion Telefonica- Argentina) Obra: CRAFTS, NATurl
Presentacion: Heineken Inspire [septiembre-2005](Porteño Art District- Argentina) Obra:NATurl
Participacion: Revista Atypica (fowler ediciones/Argentina) Obra:Tapa generada con algoritmos generativos y googleMap.
Participacion: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design 100th anniversary (Israel) Obra: i2off.org + r3nder.net
Participacion: Libro+DVD Human? (booth-clibborn/Inglaterra) Obra:Human-Resaca
Participacion: Libro+DVD Freewave (booth-clibborn/Inglaterra) Obra:Composicion para 16 pecadores

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  • Move Me! – video show curated by Agricola de Cologne

    Work title: Videocode03 (2006, 4:09)