Juan Antonio Lleó (Spain)

Juan Antonio Lleó

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Juan Antonio Lleó, was born in Madrid (Spain), 1961. Composer and Computer artist. Musical studies at Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid and Gabinete de Música Electroacústica, at Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cuenca. Degree on Computer Science. Computer and Electronic Music teacher in Universities and others centers since 1983. He had writed in three books ( “El Arte en las Redes”, “Audio 3D”, and “Arte, Placer y Tecnología”) for the Ars Futura collection, edited by Anaya Multimedia and the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE). He has several computer music pieces published on CD (FORCE, Foro de Comunicaciones Electroacústicas, Vol. I y II). His compositions has been presented on diverses concert halls, radios and TV all along the world. He usually works in installation, musical and multimedia personal proyects and in collaboration with other artists. His interactive musical installation “Midiverso” has been presented in differents places during the last ten years. He is the curator and participate, together with other eigth artist, on the exhibition “Convergencias: electroacoustic and digital art”, presented at CAB, Burgos (Spain), 2004. Actually he is developing the project “Hiperespejismos” (Hipermirage) with the media artist Antonio Alvarado, and have presented diverse implementation of it: “Tower of Mirrors” and “Specular Code”.

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