Alfonso García de la Torre (Spain)

Alfonso García de la Torre

Born in 1964, studies at the Jesús Guridi Music School in Vitoria (Spain) piano with Luisa Rey and Ignacio Luzuriaga, composition with Carmelo Bernaola; at the same time followed Electronic Engineering studies at the Basque University. Attends seminars on composition, electronics and computer music at GME (Cuenca), Phonos (Barcelona), LIEM-CDMC (Madrid), Centre Acanthes (Avignon), Madrid University, Tallers Internacionals (Valencia) and IRCAM (Paris). Since 1987 is member of the Jesús Guridi Instrumental Ensemble. Co-operates producing music for dance, theatre, cinema and video. His compositions has been performed in Music Festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Canada and U.S.A. He has published articles in art magazines. He has taught Acoustics and Electroacoustic Music, actually he is the director of the Jesus Guridi Music Conservatory Electronic Music Studio, and two music festivals: Electroacoustic Music Festival and Contemporary Music Festival, both of them at Vitoria.

Alfonso García de la Torre participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition I
  • Soundart from Spain
    curated by Juan Antonio Lleó