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JR Carpenter

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J. R. Carpenter is a poet, fiction writer and web artist based in Montreal. She got her first Unix account in 1993 and has been making web art since 1995. She constructs online fictions with Internet flotsam and jetsam: found images, found audio, found data, and found scripts. A collage artist and a packrat at heart, she lurks in listserves, prowls developer-sites, copy and pastes and habitually Views Source. She collects old textbooks and other people’s graffiti. She alters slick blocks of CSS, and tweaks cheesy javascript effects for narrative purposes. She uses a lot of black and white images (because that’s what colour photocopies come in), uses DHTML when Flash would do nicely, avoids software solutions, embraces cross-browser/cross-platform vagaries, and aims for scalability and graceful fails. Her web art projects have been exhibited internationally and include, most recently: Entre Ville ( http://luckysoap.com/entreville), commissioned by Oboro New Media Lab in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Conseil des Arts de Montreal in 2006 and included in the Web Biennial 2007 hosted by the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum; The Cape (http://luckysoap.com/thecape ), which has appeared on function:feminisim (Rutgers, NJ), BathHouse (University of Eastern Michigan), and is included in the Electronic Literature Organization Collection Volume One (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities); and How I Loved the Broken Things of Rome ( http://luckysoap.com/brokenthings), which was named a Web Art Finalist in the Drunken Boat PanLiterary Awards 2006 and was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto in association with the 19th Annual imagesFestival, 2006. These, like most of her web art projects, are each based on a piece of her own writing. She also publishes in print, even though it takes longer and there are usually no pictures allowed. J. R. Carpenter is a two-time winner of the CBC Quebec Short Story Competition, in 2003-2004 for Precipice and in 2005-2006 for Air Holes. Other of her short stories and poems have appeared various anthologies journals in Canada, the US and the UK. More information about her writing and web art projects can be found at: http://Luckysoap.com

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NewMediaFest2007 – DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia 2008
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JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

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