Joyoti Wylie (New Zealand)

Joyoti Wylie

Joyoti Wylie is a sound artist currently living in Tokyo. Born in 1975 in the Hokianga, to an albino ‘Guru’ and a surfie chick she was raised in a valley of naked four part harmonies accompanied with homegrown kai, free love and three mothers.

Graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Visual Art in 1997, she was one of the founding members of the artist run space ‘rm3’ (Auckland,New Zealand).

Her sound work is vocal based and is often accompanied by video projections or installations. Wylie has exhibited her work in New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Ireland, England and Taiwan.

Selected discography: no nipples (1998), Pussyphilosopher (1999), Agalaya (2000) and Ancient Pain-Hate Joy Machine (2002).

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