Antony Milton (New Zealand)

Antony Milton

(born 23/05/1971)
I am a sound artist based in Wellington, New Zealand and have been fascinated
with the ways in which sound impacts upon ‘mood’ since I was a teenager and used to send myself to sleep with recordings of ‘choice’ radio static…
To date I have released over 50 finished works in various formats, and have been performing live on a regular basis since the early 1990’s. In addition to playing ‘gigs’ I have also composed and performed pieces to accompany dance and theatre productions, ‘exhibited’ sound works, been engaged in an on-going sound-based psycho-cartography of Wellington city, and run a CD label. Although I am interested in practically all forms of music my primary musical interests are relatively unorthodox and concerned with the full range of available sound rather than the small range offered by traditional instrumentation.
In recent times (since 1999) I have been primarily focussed upon exploring the interface of incidental noise (field recordings) and the ‘fleeting states’ of my own emotional (and physical…) response to these events through the gestural use of ‘sound-makers’ and/or the ‘drawing out’ of some kind of emotionally resonant form via editing and lo-tech ‘digital trickery’.

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