Josephine LiPuma (USA)

Josephine LiPuma

aka (vj) JL POOKY is a Sicilian/German
mixed-up American Euro Mutt/ New Media/ VR /Interactive Installation Artist/ Performance Artist/ Filmmaker/ Writer. Living a short path to Lake Michigan, Josephine began treading artistic waters growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois USA in the area now known as River West. At her childhood home on Peoria street, she saw the cinder piles of her industrial childhood, ashes immersed into the fabric of her media work today. Josephine is the founder of Responsive Vision. & is part of the (evl) Electronic Visualization Lab community, UIC at Chicago, IL. USA. She is a devoted MAX/MSP/Jitter groupie, as well.

Josephine Lipuma participates in

  • VideoChannel
  • Identity of Colour
    Title: Colorant , video, 2005, 2: 40