Eleanor Gates Stuart (Australia)

Eleanor Gates-Stuart

is a new media artist interested in dynamic interplay between time and memory, presence and absence, generating intimate and feminised spaces within which new narratives of the self can be constructed. Her work explores intersections between disparate practices, technology and subjectivity, word, image and authenticity.

She is a well-established printmaker, recently producing arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs.eleanor.gates-stuart‚ her documentary satire resulting from the re-media of video archive, publication, traditional print and transcript of gatescherrywolmark. Since 1997, Gates-Stuart has been part of an international partnership, gatescherrywolmark. She was instrumental in bringing the collaboration into existence and in furthering the technological interventions that have enabled gatescherrywolmark to bring metaphor and practice together in digital terms.
She is a prolific artist, having attained numerous awards, grants, and commissions in her career. She maintains an active international artistic profile continuing her own research and roles such as curator and director of new media arts events. Gates-Stuart also has a significant reputation in Australian education, with a strong belief and commitment to pedagogical development in the creative and new media arts. She is a regular contributor to numerous professional associations, having published since 1985, having also presented papers at various conferences both in the UK and Australia. Gates-Stuart is widely regarded for her professional experience, and for her vision for the Centre of New Media Arts at The Australian National University.

Eleanor Gates Stuart participates in

  • VideoChannel
  • Gender Identity
    Title: Knit, 2005, Duration: 9 minutes 4 seconds