Jean-Gabriel Périot + Tom de Pékin (France)

Jean-Gabriel Périot + Tom de Pékin

*Jean-Gabriel Périot :
Baby-sitter, barman, clothes and handkrafts salesman, videotapes program clerck, assistant director, editor, mime, auction sales assistant, journalist, danse filmaker, artist…

*Tom de Pékin
Tom de Pekin is not really from Pekin but from France and live in Paris. Political artist, designer, director, his works deals humour and transgender. He worked for french papers, non-profit organisations. He directed videoclips and movies, often screened in international film festivals.

Jean-Gabriel Périot + Tom de Pékin participate in

  • VideoChannel
    Gender Identity
  • VideoChannel – French Video Art
  • Title : Devil Inside, video, 2004, 2:40