Fred Koenig (France)

French artist Fred Koenig

using photography, video and performance just spent a few months in his adopted country Haiti and brings back inspiration and creativity for his three month residency at the Bag Factrory of Joburg. Fred has done Performance Art, exhibited his photographs, and shown his films across the globe (from New York, Port au Prince, Paris, Berlin, Madrid,… ). See more about his work on his web site:

Toni Morkel, from Jo’burg, probably best known for her work with Robyn Orlin, has performed extensively internationally. Recent appearances in Jo’burg this year include Sylvaine Strike’s ‘The Travellers’ and Orlin’s ‘when I take off my skin…’ For IFAS, Toni appeared in Sophie Lechochevsky’s production of Copi’s ‘The Homosexual or the Difficulty of Expression’ in 2003 and 2004.

Fred Koenig participates

  • VideoChannel
  • Gender Identity
    Title: The Vodoo Diva’s International, video, 2005, 10:00