Ishita Adhikary

Ishita Adhikary
(B:1984) is a self taught, new media artist from Kolkata. She has been creating her works mostly through digital manipulation. Her works mainly focuses on current critical socio-environmental issues. She awarded “East Zone Silver Award” in Digital Art Category & “West Bengal State Award” in Photography in Emerging Artist Award, from PDAF, India 2018 & 2017. She got Certificate of Merit in New Media Art Category in 81 th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition 2018 of Academy of Fine Arts’18 & in Pashimbanga Charukala Utsav 2016 organised by Dept. of Information & Cultural Affairs, West Bengal Government, 2016. Her works showcased in India Art Fair 2020 by Kolkata Centre for Creativity,2020. Internationally her works showcased in ARTSTAGE SINGAPORE 2018 (an International Art Fair of Asia) by BbuzzArt. Her works published in CONCEPTUAL, A Contemporary Art Book, by Loosen Art Gallery & Magazine Publication, Rome, Italy,2018. She participated in many Exhibitions like Lockdown Effects II, an International Online Art Exhibition 2020, Strides At Stake, visual dialogues on current situation, 2020 & many more.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Title of Video : UN EX PRESSIVE, 2020, 1:56
The CORONA OUTBREAK put all humans into one bracket. We all lost ourselves. We have to wear MASK for our existential security. It now works as a life saving weapon. We fight against an unseen enemy. But we can’t blame Corona alone… Our very well created dust, carbon, pollution, various bacteria, viruses also started their working earlier.. it’s their collaborative project. We are just a viewer or you can say we are just a sampling kit. We all hide our face behind the Mask. We all lost our self identity. But we have to accept it…..

But this CORONA PANDEMIC situation changed my mental status.

It changes our daily life… our habits…. our financial condition… Many people lost their jobs…. many small shopkeepers had to close their shop and faced a huge financial crisis… the thousands and thousands of migrant workers walked miles & miles to reach their home (some died in the road)…. But we could not see their expressions…..