Callum Colman

Callum Colman
BIO: I am a postgraduate artist researcher, studying for a PhD in the Visual Cultures Department at Goldsmiths. My work threads together psychoanalytic, ecofeminist and aesthetic theory, working through environmental and social crises in relation to the maternal and feminine. The central focus of my artistic practice is work with found sound and image, reproducing audiovisual reworks of source material. The source material is drastically edited and manipulated, reproducing works that resonant with themes of the digital and the virtual, of haunting and the subconscious, whilst also incorporating functions of care and compassion associated with the maternal and domestic.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona – Shut Down?
VIDEO DETAILS: ‘Quarantine and Isolation in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona’, 2020, 3.21
An audiovisual rework of a scene from Bergman’s Persona, the compulsion to treat this sound and footage arose at the start of lockdown. The exchange between doctor and patient resonated with the looming anxieties I felt at the commencement of lockdown, which were interpreted into my treatment of the scene.