Indira Montoya (Argentina)

Indira Montoya
participant in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Extasy – the final show
    Celebrate! – 10 Years JavaMuseum

    Indira Montoya- was born in Argentina, in 1975. She got her first computer in
    1986, and started pogramming since then. Musician for many years, studied violin in Argentina and Germany and performed in some major theaters in the late 80s.
    She has been on ther internet since the beginnings, starting with a small site on philosophy ( and developed designing skills that later put her to work for the major business in her country.
    Worked as a designer, producer and programmer for almost a decade. Collaborated for the multimedia of Lady Macbeth of Tzench, an opera regied by Sergio Renan and conducted by M. Rostropovich in 2000.
    Worked as a car restorator, as an interpreter (for Lavelli’s version of Ionesco’s MacBette in 1993) and as a translator (Emerson’s essays and others). Speaks fluently about six or seven languages and understands four or five more.
    Studied philosophy, law, design, photography, turned into internet art when she got tired of business plans, projects and timelines.
    She now studies visual communication, and is involved in several multimedia projects including a web museum and art actions in her country.