Emilio Jiménez Sánchez (Spain)

Emilio Jiménez Sánchez

Date of birth:27-6-78

– Plastic artist.
– Drawing professor.

Current occupation
– Drawing professor IES Isabel the Catholic. Madrid.
– Studying 1º Course of Social Anthropology U.N.E.D.

Academic Experience.
– Artistic high school. Institute Antonio López. Tomelloso. 1992/1996
– Fine arts. Faculty Antonio Saura. Cuenca. 1996/2000.
– First course Doctorate. Department of Art. 2000/2001.
– Department Mix-Media. Gent (Belgium). Socrates Grants a scholarship.

Courses and Conferences.
– Course of Pedagogic Aptitude. Ciudad Real. 2001/02.
– Course of Design of Pages Web. ACADE. Madrid. 2002.
– Course of Design and illustration. Madrid 20002.

Other languages.
– English. Half level.


-Photographs. B/W, Digital, Slide. Fixed picture. “Tanatorio”. film 16mm.
Madrid 1998.
– Collaboration in Graphic Department. “INTERMEDIA”. Madrid 2002.
– Sound creation. I radiate Experimental.
– Analogical and digital Postproducción of video. Betacam, Premiere.
– Decoration and scenery. Auxiliary of decoration “La cruz de los descalzos”.
Eduardo García. film 35mm. Cuenca. 1997. Auxiliary of decoration.
film 16mm. Madrid. 1998.
– Realization. Experimental Vídeo & films. Collaborations in diverse artistic

Shows of work

– Collective exhibition “A una hora del KKO”. Room of exhibitions Ability of
Fine arts. Cuenca. 1997.
– Collective exhibition. Projection of videotapes. Pub Metro. Cuenca. 1998.
– Official selection. Program of Videotape “Abierto”. Cuenca. 1999.
– Collective exhibition “La colmena”. Room of exhibitions Ability of Fine arts.
Cuenca. 2000.
– Individual exhibition. Room of exhibitions Ability of Fine arts. Cuenca.

– Collective exhibition. “Drawings and Objects” Convent of the Carmelite.
Official selection. Situations. Cuenca. 2001.

Emilio Jiménez Sánchez participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Extasy – the final show