hp stonji (Austria/Germany)

hp stonji aka Hans Platzgumer & Jens Döring


Jens Döring
Born 02.09.1978 in Dresden
Work Experience
03/03 – 09/03 internship at IBM (screendesign with Flash)
09/02 – 03/03 internship at Stelkens (sounddesign with MAX/MSP)
since 2001 freelancer in Sounddesign
02 – 02 assistance and sounddesign at complexolution (audiovisualisation-software)
since 1997 work as musician in many different projects, with many performances
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, USA, Rumania)
Education and Training
since 2001 studies in Computer Sciences in Media at the HdM (academy of media) in
-productions for different audiobooks & sounddesign for Computergames
-written a remote control for sequencers on different computers in a networksoundinstallations
(net.rmte, net.sound – http://net.rmte.estonji.com)
-several releases on some german, swiss and austrian record labels
-half of hp.stonji.
-producing for some soloprojects e.stonji, jerry lusion, producing on some projects, like
convertible, reejk lynur, e.gum, some remix productions for artists like helmut hattler, hans
platzgumer feat. catriona shaw, mandra gora lightshow society, convertible, gunnar geisse
jens doering: http://www.jensdoering.com/
e.stonji: http://www.estonji.com/
hp.stonji: http://hpstonji.estonji.com/
jerry lusion: http://www.jerry-lusion.com/
e:gum: http://www.egum.net/

Hans Platzgumer born in Innsbruck, 1969
Study Clssical Guitar at Conservatorium Innsbruck, privat piano study.

Born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1969, hp released his first album ‘TOD DER CD!’ by the age of 17 after rushing through school and classical guitar studies at the conservatory. The record made a point against the upcoming Compact Disc industry and remains a sought-after cult-classic even today, being one of the first intentional lo-fi indie albums of that time. Living partly in Vienna and Berlin he finishes his electro-accoustic studies at the Musikhochschule in Vienna in 1989, already touring all over Europe and various East-Bloc-countries. He performs and releases new albums solo and with groups like KÖB, CAPERS, PLATZLINGER (a duo with Berlin-based freejazz-drummer Peter Hollinger).
Summer 89 sees him and his mate Frank Puempel move to New York City where they start the infamous indie-group HP ZINKER which quickly becomes rooted in the Lower Eastside-scene, playing with bands like Sonic Youth, Ween, Helmet, Lemonheads or the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. MATADOR Records is set up to release the first Zinker album ‘And There Was Light’. While the band leans more and more towards progressive hardrock they release more albums and videoclips on ROUGHNECK (London) and THRILL JOCKEY (Chicago).

hp stonji participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • – Memoryscapes