Henrique Roscoe aka VJ 1MPAR (Brazil)


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  • Vj 1mpar is a project from the designer, musician and digital artist Henrique Roscoe. Abstract shapes and vetorial drawings make the basis of the project, that, apart from most VJs, doesn´t use a camera to record the footages. All the videos and animations are selfmade constructions, built entirelly on the computer, or drawed by hand and scanned. The machine is always present in the themes, production and execution of the footages. Random and interactivity and key concepts for the project, that has the intention of making people question the man-machine relation, its interfaces, besides valorize the aesthetic side of the videos.

    Addd is an audiovisual project composed by 3nity (Tadeus Mucelli) and Vj 1mpar (Henrique Roscoe). Its aim is to seek the most perfect integration between sound and image. Each element has its representation in the audio both audio (pitch, lenght, volume) and video (shape, colour, size).Starting from basic structures, music and images are born, grow and interact through mathematical formulas, midi synch and synthesis, generating new elements each second. Every sound and shape is composed starting from a theme and many things are real-time improvisations. Abstract shapes, noises, non-figurative images, sound synthesis are mixed together and construct a complementary relation of experiences.

    Produced videos for the American Band Earth Wind and Fire. Has a video at the permanent gallery of the software Resolume (http://resolume.com/footage/showreel.php?reel_id=18).Took part on the first Brazilian VJs DVD – VJBR (2005), with 20 of the main live images artists from Brazil. In march of 2006 signed a contract with the german label Showfootage (http://www.showfootage.com) to produce video content to be sold via web. As a digital artist, had some of his works published on the electronic magazines Refresh Reload, Urban Collectiva and Menfesto.

    Was selected for the festivals and Exhibits:
    – VIII International Digital Art Exhibit and Coloquium – CUBA – http://www.artedigital8.cubasi.cu/english/video.php
    – Videomedeja Festival – Servia and Montenegro – http://www.videomedeja.org/
    – II Off Cologne Film Festival – GERMANY – http://coff.newmediafest.org/
    – Culture TV DVD – http://culturetv.tv/index.php
    – Saatchi Gallery – London/UK – http://video.saatchigallery.com/

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  • “art cartoons & animates narratives” – selection curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • 2006

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Title : For the masses, video, 2005 /6:03
    roscoe aka VJ 1mpar