Ann Rosén (Sweden)

Ann Rosén
Swedish sound artist, composer and performer.

Ann received an M F A at Konstfack in Stockholm 1988 and has worked with all kinds of material and techniques such as computer graphics, video, sound, installations and performances. Many of her ideas require collaboration between a large number of people from different disciplines. This has led to that that Ann has initiated and coordinated a number of interdisciplinary projects.

Sound, space, people, meetings, processes and collaborations are all important factors in Ann Ros̩ns work. As a composer she works mainly with EAM (Electro-Acoustic Music) exploring the mediums spatial possibilities such as in Surr, IC Рfirst movement, Stress
etc. When performing Ann Rosén uses a variety of sensor based instruments/controllers that she develops and builds herself. As an artist she has worked with an variety of materials and techniques often combing social interaction with digital art forms resulting in exhibitions, choir- installations, dance performances, mobile sound installations etc.
Ann Rosén’s work sometime takes the shape of interdisciplinary projects with people from different backgrounds such as architects, artists, choreographers, composers, dancers, musicians, researchers, scientists etc. An example is Silent Sound Sculpture
(, where silent zones/bodies/shapes where created and sculpted in a space filled with noise.
All along Ann Rosén has strived to establish new platforms for her work. In Sound Inserts in public environments a portable and interactive sound installation was exhibited for a few hours at a time in a number of different public spaces. Another example is the performance Conveyer that Ann and the composer Sten-Olof Hellström made together
with the choreographers Maija Hirvanen, Ingo Reulecke and Moa Hansen. Conveyer was based on the choreographer’s on-site studies of Sound Inserts Sound-bodies and their spatial behaviour has been one of Ann’s main focuses both in her art and in her music. In her more recent works such as En Passant, Sound Inserts and Noise Tank she continues to explore different aspects of sound, spatiality and the social context in which it is encountered.

Ann Rosén is participating in

SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

SIP – SoundLAB Interview


  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Title: 5′15′’, video, 2005, 5:15