Haim Ben Shitrit (Israel)

Haim Ben Shitrit
participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
VAD – Video Art Database
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

Selected exhibitions and projects
1988 “images of final battles” beaux art, Paris
1989 Israeli proposal to the Venice “aperto’ Ramat Gan museum
1991 “young artists” tel aviv museum
1992 “nidbah 1″Jerusalem artist’s house
1993 “peace” Palestinians and Israeli artists, Marseilles, France
1994 “middle east abstract 2″video project for cable TV, virtual exhibition in Iran.
1995 art focus Jerusalem artist house
“Artist builds his tombstone” Jerusalem
1996 “hybar hybar ya yahood”video installation, Jerusalem
1997 Moloheya”, installation based on a traditional Egyptian dish, avni
Institute tel aviv.
1998-9 “the Abu gosh riddle” installation in the home of a Jew living in harmony in an Arab town outside Jerusalem.
1999 “the mobile caravan”artfocus, Jerusalem
2000-1″nona”, community video project
2002″lessons in morocan”Jerusalem and acco festivals
2003 video installation at the Israeli center for digital art, Holon, Israel
Video work at the experimental section of the Montpellier film festival, France.
2004 first prize at videoformes festival, Clermont ferrand, France
2005 installation and video at the center for contemporary
Art croix, Roubaix France.
“From the streets of Jerusalem to the palaces of London” artist in residence video project, fabrica art center, Brighton England.
Joint Arab Jewish exhibition touring Arab villages and development towns in Israel.
New work at the Montpellier film festival France.
2006 “moloheya”artist in residence video project, fabrica art center, Brighton England.
New work at videoformes festival, France.
Montreol video festival, Canada.
Casablanca video festival.
“New territories”de hallen, brugge belgem
International Paris Berlin festival, Paris.
2007 Istanbul video festival
Festival “cinemaligre” Paris, France
New video work at the Montpellier film festival, France
“Desert generation” artists against occupation Jerusalem,tel Aviv, Amsterdam.
2008video project and presentation at the eu intercultural symposium, viena Austria.