Daniel Castillo and Carolina Padilla (Spain)

Daniel Castillo and Carolina Padilla
participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
VAD – Videoart Database
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

Sintacti-k is a work-group interested in realising creative projects based on technological development strategies, within the areas of video creation, interactive installations and other hyper-medial devices. As work and production format material, their proposals start from information extracted and interpreted from the mass media, establishing spaces of critical reflection against the media strategies and its contents.

Daniel Desiderio Páez Castillo
A freelance graphic and digital designer, he has been a creator, producer and collaborator in computer networks, a videomaker and project co-author of electronic art. His interest in media art has motivated him to learn about development environments for the execution of projects and experimental narratives. Nowadays he focuses on the posing of projects, where the central topic is the relationship between humans and other animals and in contemporary societies.

Carolina Padilla Villarraga
Graphic and digital designer, with studies in electronic art in the specialization of video-creation. Throughout her professional career her interests have been marked by artistic, experimental creation with projects of collaboration and of independent production. She collaborates with groups of animals rights activists, and for this reason her recent works centre on the points of connection between the human animal and the non-human.