Gintas K (Lithuania)

Gintas K

Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

Gintas K has been participating in the
Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994.He became known
for his sound actions, theatrical performances and conceptual art in the manner of Fluxus. Since 1999 Gintas K has been working as a sound artist exploring sine waves, digital sounds, glitches, expressive synthesized tones, noises and complex rhythmical structures; making music for films, sound installations. Gintas K sound works were presented in various festivals, exhibitions and released by various record labels.

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Gintas K albums :

+ Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound” 2CD by Cronica (CD
024~2006) ( Portugal , 2006 )
+ // released by Retina Scan #23 ( 2003
RetinaScan,Germany )
+ “o)o(o”released by Black Orchid #35 (
Slovakia, 2003)
+ without out [live @ garso zona 2003] srfc002
(mp3 release/192 kbs, 31min.)
+ Taip Taip released by Zeromoon ,zero019-R. 3′ ( 2004
Zeromoon, USA )
+ titled# released by Retina Scan #41 ( 2004

Gintas K on compilations:

1.Difficult Music for Difficult People Vol II (2002 Belgium)
2.acid fake_02 (2002 Macedonia )
3.ISC0101 Collective Compilation Volume One (2003 usa)
4.garso zona v/a 2003 (lithuania) (music from most
innovative Lithuanian experimental electronic artists) (2003 Lithuania)
5.ISC0401 Cognitive Fragmentation(2003 usa)
6.Collective Compilation Volume Four (2003 usa)
7.KFR13:[an eloquent mass:experimentations in sound]) (2003 usa )
8. 5 (2003 usa)
9.”No ReWind” October of…
10. Project Glitch v/a
(2003usa )
11.RE 28: Siemers remix compilation (2003
Germany )
12. LP at Seldomtype 001 EP (LP,2003 Switzerland )
13.v/a QUOTIDIAN ASSEMBLAGES vol.2 (usa)
14.v/a EMIT TWO (CD, Australia )
15.v/a garso zona 2004 ,srfc007 (mp3 release
16.RE38 – Cloe Lock – Removed by People 2CD-R (Retinascan, 2004 Germany)
17.v/a extreme music from Russia ,CD Susan Lawly
18.v/a Confluencias /2nd electroacoustic miniaturas international
contest,CD , Spain
19.v/a “Homenaje” CD, Spain 2005
20.v/a Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time?
Cronica 020~2005 CD
21.v/a Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time?
Cronica 021~2005 DVD
22.v/a By Way Of Conclusion [srfc017]
23.v/a Catzen-jammer tibcd35-4 (2005, Norway )
24.v/a Bias : 2003 Book, 3CD, DVD, Taiwan, 2003
25. +ARSZYN- Z Werszkow Pierwszy. Remixes + (mp3)
26. Antanas Jasenka – Boarding Pass / Various Artists – Remixes DVD + CD 2006

Gintas K collaborations :

+ Singing Bridges Vibrations : Variations (2CD’s Australia 2005)
+GintasK vs. DDN “the pulse and click of your cyberheart is melody to my
analogue to digital converter”.
BE_24 BurningEmptinessInc.2004 France
+Niko Skorpio / Kouhei Matsunaga “Split CD “(CD,
Japan 2004)
+Groping Knell [ZH27#899]
+ Gentle Knifing [ZH27#894]
+Your life has been prepared for you [ZH27#818]
+Your life has been buffered for you [ZH27#794]
+The Prostitution of Notoriety [ZH27#793]
+The Prostitution of Philosophy [ZH27#796]
+Here be monsters>Transmogrify Couplings [ZH27#795]

Gintas K participations in festivals, workshops, exhibitions..: TechArt06 exhibition (2006 usa) festival Enter4 , Lithuania 2006 Festival Garso Zona/Balticico , Lithuania 2006 copilandia festival , spain Aqua Art Miami art fair, usa Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin ,France
2005 Zepellin2005 , sound art festival, Spain 2005
Unsilently sound art exhibition, USA 2005 ACCEA media art festival , Armenia 2005 MAF_2005 new media art festival ,
Thailand 2005 microStraava festival ,LV Transmediale.05 , Germany FILE Hipersonica festival,Brazil (2003,2004,2005 ) FESTIVAL 404, Argentina ( 2004 , 2005 ) festival TRONDHEIM MATCHMAKING 2004 (Norway) multimedia festival Centras2004, 2003 LT workshop in Vilnius RAM6 , LT festival MENUO JUODARAGIS (Lithuania) ISEA2004 festival (Tallinn event with project ) Workshop For Young Composers
(Dundaga,Latvia2004) d>Art.04 Sound Exhibition,2004 Australia Festival Confluencias 2004
, Spain performance at workshop RAM5, Latvia (festival Jauna Muzika 2004,LT) garso zona 2004,2003 ,LT (elektrodienos ,electrodays event project ,
2004, LT) ( festival pixxelpoint,go to 2002,2003 music
section, Slovenia ) at MUU gallery,at
live series , Finland) (BIAS sound exhibition, Taiwan, CD, DVD) ( festival MACHINISTA, Russia ) (Violence Online Festival , go to broadcast )

Gintas K participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • edition04.k m’scape 08

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

  • Le Musee divisioniste – the global museum
  • Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraying themselves
    curated by Agricola de Cologne