Francis Heery (Ireland)

Francis Heery


short bio:
Born 1980. Originally a classically trained violist I am currently studying for my masters in Music and Media Technology in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

1. Brownian Motion
(2005), 4:07
The title is inspired by the chaotic movement of pollen grains in liquid whose paths can be likened to the countless, seemingly chaotic lines of thought that are pursued on an hourly/ monthly/ yearly basis throughout one’s lifetime. The thoughts we entertain at this moment are directly linked to those that precede them and so in this sense they are intimately connected with all the thoughts we have ever had. Because of this we can view the almost infinite strands of thought that are present in our lives as, in truth, belonging to one super strand; existing as one thought whose root lies in the most distant past. The totality of this chain of psychic events, summed and viewed at once so to speak, will create a pseudo-random, seething mass of memories from which the image of one’s entire life will emerge. It is this chaos, contained within the form of ‘lived experience’ that is expressed in the piece.
The work was composed using granular manipulation of short soundfiles using Csound.

Francis Heery participates in

  • SoundLAB