Frank Gatti (France)

Frank Gatti
participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
VAD – Video Art Database
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

Born from father and mother on 21 March 1964 in Hayange, steel and mining valley in France. Living in Paris.


  • CoDec MASS STORAGE a computer film composed with
    DRONE AIRLINES (featuring DivX ElavY) edited between 2001-2003. (26 min)
  • SPORT SURFACE TNT edited in 2008 (27 min)
  • BEE LOVES LADYBUG LOVES GRASSHOPPER (DV, 6 min,, 2007) presented on the site of the net label Kittenrock
  • SELFPORTRAIT a work in progress since 2007