Francesca da Rimini (Australia)

Francesca da Rimini

has worked in new media since 1984 as a video maker, curator, poet and artist. Her creative practice is generally collaborative, and her projects have been extensively published, exhibited and reviewed. In 1991 she co-founded the seminal cyberfeminist artists’ collective VNS Matrix whose 7 year project spanned many artforms including installations, computer games, internet performances and cinema advertising.
During the 1990s Francesca investigated the artistic potential of email, virtual communities and web-based narrative architectures, reverse engineering her experiences into multiple immaterialities and personas.
This research crystallised in the novel FleshMeat, a bottomless pond of dead girls in dollspace, and a counter spectre to globalisation in Los Dias y Las Noches de los Muertos.

Francesca da Rimini participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Ocean – netart from Asia & Pacific area

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne