Dova Cahan (Israel)

Dova Cahan

participant in
SFC – Shoah film Collection

I am the author of the book ” An Askenazi from Romania to Eritrea” GDS Edition, which was published in Italy in Italian language and of my dvd documentary film based on my book.
I was born in Romania in June 17, 1947 but when I was seven months old my parents left Romania because of the Communism and not being able to remain in Palestine, just three months before the proclamation of the
State of Israel, they found refugee in Asmara, Eritrea an ex Italian colony on west Africa. I grew up there and I lived for twenty years being a student in the Italian schools. At the age of twenty with the Six Days War in
June 1967 I moved to Israel to continue my university studies and I remain to live here till today.
After finishing my studies in English and French Literature I worked in several branches of the tourist industry but only when twenty five years from the dead of my father were accomplished I decided that I am going to
tell the story of my family and of him who was one of the biggest Zionist in Roumania at his time.
My work started with the publication of five panels with two pictures each about our story in Asmara Eritrea which was presented at the Jewish Eye Film Festival in Beer-Sheva on November 2005 and since then the
panels become sixteen and they were shown at my conferences in Tel Aviv, Bucarest and Milan.
With the publication of my book last year, which was presented in Rome, Trento and Milan, and very soon I hope it will be presented again in Rome, Livorno, Bologna and Florence, I am trying to promote my father’s ideal of
Zionism, to discover more about the Holocaust in Roumania and to promote the fight against antisemitism in Europe.