Claudio Fernandez Sini (Chile)

Claudio Fernandez Sini
Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

Anuncio participativo

Claudio Fernandez Sini (Santiago de Chile, 1967). From an early age this artist has traveled and resided in dissimilar places (Panama, Italy, Chile) receiving and assimilating the cultural influence of each place. His creative formations begin with personal relations and human experiences, rather than literary or institutional influences. At the end of the 70’s he gets his first drum set; he goes to discotheques early (before they open) and, through the backdoor, befriends DJ’s who let him try out his first mixes. Later, in Rome, he pursues audio-visual studies and gets closely related to urban tribes, social centers and the local musical scene, taking part in an active role in various experiments and musical groups. At the end of 1989 he goes back to Chile, where he associates with musicians, bands, artists and audio-visual people, with whom he starts collaborating in the creation of comic fanzines, videos and performances, as well as playing in bands, most importantly Supersordo, a rock-noise band.
Currently living in Ancud (in the island of Chiloe, in the south of Chile) for three years, he’s been on-the-air since 2004 with the show “Ruidos Locos” (Crazy Noises), a sound project developed at Radio Estrella del Mar. This radio program is in constant experimentation, with no pre-established schemes or rigid format –although,
there are two important premises at the base of this idea:
1) the diffusion of home-made and/or independent musical bands
2) the use of radio as a mean of expression.

Claudio Fernandez Sini participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition IV – Memoryscapes
  • Rainer Krause (Santiago de Chile)