Ayumi Toyabe (Japan)

Ayumi Toyabe
Born in Tokyo (1993). After graduating from the Ballet Academy in Germany, went to Art Factory International in Italy. Her solo piece Augmented Spaces directed by Gyula Berger had been performed in Japan, Korea, Romania and Hungary. Her first dance film SATO was featured on Dance Cinema (2019). The solo piece with the drone called ABOVE directed by Nina Kov had performed at European Institute of innovation and technology (2020). Currently she is leading the international dance collective UGOIQ, working as an assistant director of Tokyo Space Dance.

Participant in
The Wake-Up! Memorial – “Corona! Shut down?”
Title of video: A|R|M|x, 2020, 3:24
The ARMx performance piece transformed into a digital work, AIRIMIx. We used audience feedback from the ARMx work-in-progress showing on 29th February 2020.
The feeling of collaborating with people they have never met… The feeling of working on the same thing together even though they are far apart…