Amy Alexander

Amy Alexander
Amy Alexander has been making computationally-based art projects since the 1990s. She’s a Professor of Computing in the Arts in the Visual Arts Department at University of California San Diego. An algorithmic filmmaker and performer, Amy has focused throughout her career on the fuzzy borders between media and the world. . Amy’s projects have been exhibited and performed at venues ranging from The Whitney Museum, Prix Ars Electronica, and Transmediale, to club performances at Sonar (Barcelona), First Avenue (Minneapolis) and Melkweg (Amsterdam). She has also performed on the streets of cities in the US and Europe.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Project Title: What the Robot Saw, 2020, endless
Clip from the continuously generated WTRS livestream and archive. Videos within the stream are selected from among the least-viewed and least-subscribed videos on YouTube within the past several hours – content normally only seen by robots. “Talking heads” are identified in lower-third text with Amazon Rekognition’s marketing-friendly analysis of their identifiers.