Avishay Zawoznik

Avishay Zawoznik
Musician, tech geek, culture event producer, composer and performer of electronic music and sound design for choreographies, guitarist in a protest blues band.
Cyber-security researcher, publishing articles and presenting in conferences around the world.
Based in Jaffa, a mixed Jewish-Arab neighbourhood in the south side of Tel-Aviv, Avishay finds creativity to be an integral part of every aspect in his life: making music, cooking, programming, communicating. Although different, all can be experienced through social interaction, authenticity, self-dedication, asking questions, playing games, and seeking for the deepest of connections between the medium and the message.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Video TitleLockdown Stories, 2020, 4:19
Selected Instagram story mashups out of 30 days of lockdown – Composed & produced by Avishay Zawoznik
COVID-19 crisis, personal space reduced, self-expression expanded,
Instagram stories flooding, representing the spirit of times.
Mashed those isolated stories together for 30 days,
seeking for a silver lining of unintentional togetherness for the cloudy situation we’re all sharing.
A whole, diverse, vivid audiovisual account of these weird times.